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A Leading Choice in Lab Services for Businesses, Hospitals, and Patients

One of Michigan’s Top Clinical Labs

Equipped with the latest technology, in state of the art labs, Worldwide Clinical Labz is more than capable of handling just about any toxicology, chemical, and medical tests and screenings. Headquartered in Detroit, Worldwide Clinical Labz sets the standard in the state when it comes to clinical labs.

Nationwide Services

Worldwide Clinical Labz isn’t limited to just Michigan. While it is a top choice in the state of Michigan, Worldwide Clinical Labz also provides these incredible services Nationwide. No matter where you live, Worldwide Clinical Labz provides services like COVID-19 and flu tests, toxicology screenings, vitamin panels, and more.

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Professional Scientists.
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The expert technicians, physicians, and scientists on staff provide the final part of the equation for precise and speedy results. The Worldwide Clinical Labz process enables the team to pull off incredible feats, boasting rapid results in as little as 24-48 hours. With more than enough education, training, and experience, the professional scientists in the lab make everything possible.

Privacy is Paramount

Here at Worldwide Clinical Labz, we understand the value of privacy, especially when it comes to your health. Not only do the professionals at Worldwide Clinical Labz put an emphasis on precision and speed, we also do everything with privacy in mind. By following strict confidentiality, privacy, and ethical policies and practices, Worldwide Clinical Labz the safety and security of your test results.

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