Who We Are


A Leading Choice in Lab Services for Businesses, Hospitals, and Patients

One of Michigan’s Top Clinical Labs

Headquartered out of Detroit, Michigan, Worldwide Labz provides leading laboratory services across the nation. World Wide Labz is a High Complexity CLIA and COLA Certified Laboratory. Our laboratory status gives us the ability preform lab developed tests.

Nationwide Services

Our innovative research team has developed tests to increase efficiency and maximize patient safe care! WWL processes specimen 7 days a week and are available 24/7 for complete customer support. We pride ourselves on our exceptional turn around time of 24-48 hours, and as little as 45min for rushed tests.

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Professional Scientists. Professional Results.

WWL provides fast, accurate and reliable results to patients across the country. We work with urgent cares, private practices, long term care facilities, schools & universities, sports teams, government agencies, ports of travel, and research organizations. We believe in safe patient care as our number one priority.

Privacy is Paramount

Here at Worldwide Clinical Labz, we understand the value of privacy, especially when it comes to your health. Not only do the professionals at Worldwide Clinical Labz put an emphasis on precision and speed, we also do everything with privacy in mind. By following strict confidentiality, privacy, and ethical policies and practices, Worldwide Clinical Labz the safety and security of your test results.