COVID-19 Travel Guidelines

If you have been advised, or think you may need to show proof of your health status prior to traveling or upon arrival, pending further updates, the most widely accepted test method is rtPCR. The requirements vary by State and Country, but most require a report showing a negative result from a sample collected 72 hours prior to departure.

For those states and countries that require additional documentation, we offer a 24-hour turnaround travel test package that includes a signed and embossed report along with a signed and embossed cover letter certifying the results, type of test, date/time of the test, and passport number for the individual traveler. World Wide Clinical Labz has earned both CLIA Certification and COLA Accreditation. Copies of our laboratory licenses and accreditation certificates are provided.

In most cases, this additional documentation (and associated cost) is not required for travel within the United States. Please double-check the requirements for your destination, as requirements do change. Once the test is finalized, World Wide Clinical Labz sends results straight to your phone to be easily accessible during travel.